Ready for School

As I said in my last post, Joshua really needs structure and he gets very agitated after having several days off of school. Unfortunately he's also recently started talking about killing or being killed, when he's upset about something. So when I get mad at him for something his response is "Are you gonna kill me?" Or he gets mad at me and the phrase changes to "I'm gonna kill you?" No, that's not a typo, he really poses most of his sentences in the form of questions. It's kind of like being on Jeopardy for eternity. Yesterday though it came out different, he said that the doors were locked at school and that monsters must have killed all the kids! This kind of thing has only been showing up in his speech for about 4 or 5 months now but I have to say, I've had enough of it. I really don't like this, and my tolerance for it is wearing thin. I wonder if anyone else has had this kind of issue and if anyone has some suggestions. On a more pleasant note though, we were more than ready for school to start this morning, and we are back in full swing. Even though we had plenty of tantrums because Josh just couldn't handle the fact that there was no school for the weekend, we did also have some fun time too. They got their Easter candy of course, we had a couple of really tasty meals (well.....the adults did. The kids refused to eat it and were given the alternate Spaghettios. Really?!?!) and of course the wonderful Easter egg hunt. All in all, a really good weekend.

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