I guess the best place to start is where we are today. My son Joshua, has autism and he is on medication, he is in a special education school and he has in home therapy (of sorts.) I have a baby who also requires lots of attention and a little girl in the middle who is currently feeling very attention deprived. So I have a few problems to solve. I want the med level to go down, and to get Josh back in general ed (with support of course.) I want to get our family back out in the community because we've been home bound for some time now. (We have already started to make some progress in this area too. Very exciting!) I also want to get a stronger schedule in place and fine tune my house rules. The last 2 goals are because we've been having more and more tantrums (from both older kids) and a harder time keeping on task, and being on time. Joshua is a very visual kid and since Kailee can't read yet so is she. I've had picture schedules before but a lot of the pieces have been quite abused over time and lost during our move, etc. It was helpful but kind of thrown together from whatever source I could pull from. Plus our needs have changed a lot since then too. So I'm on an intense reorganization effort for us and I'll be updating our progress on that as well as other surprises, mishaps, events, celebrations, and whatever life brings us.