Meet Us


I am beginning this site as a journal of the lifestyle of a family who happens to live with autism. We are a typical family although our challenges may differ from others. We've come to find that life is still life and autism is just one of the things we happen to have involved in our experience each day. We do however happen to be at a very special time as I start this chronicle of us. Things are changing for us right now and as they do I am overhauling everything in our lives. My hope is that through this site I might be able to contribute to the lives of others wading through the same waters, to offer ideas, support, and maybe some comfort. To those not living with these challenges maybe our story will help to educate you if you're not already. I thank all those who visit us for your support in our endeavors.

This is my family....



This is my son Joshua. He is autistic, but that's only a part of him. He's affectionate, he's so smart, he's a happy kid, and he's excited about life. He loves to read, and sing and he loves dinosaurs. (We were going to the fair to go "Dinosaur hunting" in this picture.) 


This is my daughter Kailee. (*read Kaylee)  She is my pretty princess. She is also very smart, and affectionate. She's happy and curious, asking questions about everything she sees and hears from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed. She loves princesses, reading stories, and butterflies. Oh, and let's not forget dresses.


This is my son Blake. He's my little cuddle bug. He's growing fast, just like Josh and Kailee have, way too fast. He loves to cuddle with mom, and he wants to explore everything he can see. His favorite toys are balls, trucks, and rattles. 


Yep. That would be me. If you want to know about my life just scroll up. <3