Walk On Water?

In the Bible, in Matthew 14 (beginning at verse 22), there is a story of Jesus' disciples in a boat on a lake during a storm. They see Jesus walking on the water and think that he's a ghost. He tells them that it is only him and not to be afraid. One of the men (Peter) says if it is you, tell me to come to you. Jesus tells him to come and the man steps out of the boat and begins to walk to Jesus. Then he notices the storm and begins to sink and calls to Jesus for help. Jesus catches him and asks why he doubted. Then they get on the boat together.

I've heard this passage preached from all different angles; but for us, this is what everyday feels like. Every morning when I get up I feel like Peter stepping out of the boat. Every day I get another chance to keep my eyes on Jesus and off of the storm. Some days I do better than others. But I'm learning that when I keep my focus firmly on his eyes I can be in Paradise, even in the middle of the storm. 

This is not a whiny "I'm jus' holdin' on 'til the Lord come to rescue me", singing about "Lookin' for that hole in the sky...." or "I'm comin' up on the rough side." No. We have some hard days but we have some mild ones too. We have a lot to be thankful for on all of those days and we are enjoying life. Happiness and joy is all about your focus, no matter who you are.